Generators in East Rockaway, NY, and Surrounding Areas

Generators– We handle natural gas, mainly smaller home generators. The one shown is industrial. Jon said the ones we handle are on the Briggs & Stratton website.

Power outages can be a real inconvenience, and sometimes they can even be dangerous. Whether it’s a severe storm, a downed power line, or a scheduled maintenance outage, there are times when you may find yourself without power for hours or even days. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem: generators. All Hours Energy is a leading provider of generators in East Rockaway, NY. If you’re looking for a reliable backup power source for your home or business, we are here to help.

What Is a Generator?

Generators in East Rockaway, NY, and Surrounding Areas

It is a unit that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It uses a gasoline or diesel engine to turn a rotor that produces an electrical current. The amount of power a generator produces depends on the engine’s size and the generator’s voltage rating. Generators can be portable or stationary, and various fuels, including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and propane, can power them.

Situations When a Generator Comes in Handy

There are many situations when a generator can come in handy, including:

  • Power Outages: When the power goes out, a generator can provide a reliable source of electricity to keep your lights on, your appliances running, and your home comfortable.
  • Outdoor Events: If you’re planning an outdoor event, such as a backyard barbecue or a camping trip, a generator can power your lights, music, and other electronics.
  • Construction Sites: Generators are often used to power tools and equipment on construction sites.
  • Remote Locations: If you live or work in a remote location without access to electrical power, a generator can provide a reliable source of electricity.

Benefits of Having a Generator

There are many benefits to having a generator, including the following:

  • Reliable Power: A generator can have a reliable power source even when the grid goes down.
  • Convenience: A generator can make your life more convenient by keeping your lights and appliances running during a power outage.
  • Safety: A generator can help keep you safe during a power outage by providing power to critical appliances, such as medical equipment, and keeping your home well-lit.
  • Increased Home Value: Installing a generator can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers

Types of Generators We Offer

At All Hours Energy, we offer a wide range of generators to meet the needs of our customers in East Rockaway, NY. Some of the types of generators we offer include:

  • Standby Generators: Standby generators are designed to turn on automatically during a power outage, providing reliable backup power to your home or business.
  • Portable Generators: Portable generators are designed to be moved around and used in various locations. They are ideal for outdoor events, camping, and other situations where you need temporary power.
  • Inverter Generators: Inverter generators are designed to supply clean and stable power, making them ideal for use with sensitive electronic devices.
  • Whole House Generators: Whole house generators are designed to provide backup power to your home, ensuring that all your appliances and devices continue to function during a power outage.

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If you’re interested in purchasing a generator in East Rockaway, NY, or if you have any questions about generators, All Hours Energy is here to help. Our experts will help you choose the best generator for your needs, install it safely and efficiently, and provide ongoing service and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Contact us today and learn how we can help you prepare for unexpected emergencies.

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